D.P. Kdrama Review: An Incredibly Striking Show from Netflix

Imagine being constantly bullied in a place far away from your family and friends. What would you do in such a situation? Would running away from there be a way to find solace?

Netflix Korean series, especially the mini-series, have an uncanny ability to captivate their audience with their original and gripping plots, immersing viewers completely into the narrative. These series, typically consisting of 6 to 10 episodes, offer both an enjoyable watch and rich material for discussions. D.P., the 2021 Netflix Korean drama, is undoubtedly one of these outstanding series that leaves a lasting impact on its viewers.

D.P. may appear to be an action-packed series, but it surprises viewers with its touching and thought-provoking storyline. Revolving around the struggles of soldiers trying to escape their military service, this drama has secured its place as one of the most outstanding Korean dramas of the last few years.

In my opinion, D.P. is an absolute must-watch.

But, what is the plot of the D.P. series? Who are the talented actors in the cast, and most importantly, what makes this show so compelling? If you’re eager to find out, let’s dive into our in-depth review covering everything you need to know about “D.P.” on Netflix – its plot, the amazing cast, our comments and reviews, and much more.

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D.P. Netflix series plot, cast, how many episodes, D.P. season 2, and more…

In this article, you will find the answers to all of these in the following order.

  • D.P. plot/synopsis
  • Details (Number of Episodes, broadcast days, etc.)
  • Drama Cast and Characters
  • Review

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What is the plot of the D.P. series?

The series “D.P.” revolves around a group of soldiers tasked with capturing deserters from their unit.

An JoonHo (Jung HaeIn) is a newly enlisted soldier starting his mandatory two-year military service. Along with the military hierarchy, he begins to confront harsh realities from his very first days in the army.

Almost every day, he and the other soldiers are humiliated by their superiors and sometimes even physically assaulted. One day, An JoonHo happens to assist the D.P. team, and as a result, he receives an offer. D.P. is a team responsible for capturing deserters from the military.

Since joining this team would mean distancing himself from those who have been tormenting him, An JoonHo accepts the mission. But soon he realizes that capturing the runaway soldiers and witnessing their stories won’t be an easy task.

D.P. is one of best Netflix original Korean dramas released last year.

As a series in the military and action genre, D.P. also falls into the category of drama. The series, which is part of Netflix’s original content, consists of 6 episodes, each lasting about an hour.

D.P. attracted significant attention with its plot and cast. Directed by Han JunHee, the series is another webtoon adaptation. We have become quite familiar with webtoon adaptations in Korean dramas in recent years, but D.P. stands out in one aspect.

The director of the series not only sits in the director’s chair but also co-writes the screenplay with webtoon author Kim BoTong. The series found its place among Netflix dramas on August 27, 2021.

d.p. korean drama season two 2


Everything You Need to Know: Episodes, Release Date…

Warning- D.P. Age rating:

D.P. is rated +15 due to violence, blood, and other elements.

What does D.P. stand for in Korean?”

The name of the Korean drama, D.P., stands for “Deserter Pursuit”.

How many episodes of D.P. Kdrama are there?

The first season of the series consists of 6 episodes.

What webtoon is D.P. based off?

The series is an adaptation of a webtoon with the same name. The webtoon, also titled “D.P. Dog’s Day,” was published between 2015 and 2016.

Cast of D.P. and Their Characters (cast)

The Korean drama D.P. features actors like Jung HaeIn and Koo GyoHwan.

Jung Hae-in, whom we are accustomed to seeing in Netflix’s original Korean dramas, portrays the character of An JoonHo in the series. An JoonHo joins the military to fulfill his military service and soon becomes a part of the D.P. team, responsible for capturing deserters.

I have already provided a detailed review of Jung HaeIn’s performance in the D.P. review section, but I must say it was truly magnificent. Don’t forget to give some of Jung HaeIn’s other dramas a chance, such as While You Were Sleeping and Something in the Rain.

The other D.P. actor, Koo GyoHwan, portrays the character of Han HoYeol, the leader of the team responsible for capturing deserters.

It’s my first time watching Koo GyoHwan in this series, but he managed to leave a lasting impression with his performance! For those who are curious, you can also check out some of Koo GyoHwan’s films, such as Peninsula and A Werewolf Boy.

D.P. Kdrama Review/Recap

“Every Korean citizen, as mandated by the Korean Constitution and the Military Service Act Article 3, must fulfill their compulsory military service with due diligence.”

D.P. greets us in each episode with a reminder that every Korean male must undergo 2 years of mandatory military service. This sentence is placed in the “opening“, where we usually see information about whether the show or movie is based on real stories or not.

Together with the newly enlisted soldier, An JoonHo, we step into the barracks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to witness how power-drunk individuals, like a virus, have infected the military.

Young soldiers who joined to fulfill their duty are subjected to bullying from their superiors, who often justify their actions based on having gone through the same hardships before.

D.P. Kdrama review: The corruption in the military

Dealing with homesickness, being in a foreign place, or the rigors of the service is one thing, but when their lives turn into a living hell due to the actions of others, some can’t bear it and resort to running away.

Throughout the series, together with the D.P. team, we as a viewer, trace the footsteps of deserters who fled the military due to various reasons, with bullying being at the core. Along the way, we witness their stories. The show sheds light on the corruption within the military and the impact it has on those who serve.

However, throughout the series, the things done by people who believe they hold power or feel someone is backing them don’t seem all that unfamiliar, unfortunately.

Consisting of 6 episodes, D.P. offers much more to the audience with its compelling storyline than one might expect from a series.

Nevertheless, even though the reflections of bullying are everywhere in our real world, it’s hard not to be shocked and horrified by what you encounter while watching the series. In a world where superiors demean their subordinates, sadly, such behavior isn’t that surprising.

Yet, in the context of the military, where physical strength is glorified, and using that power over others is not discouraged, the scenes you witness are enough to send shivers down your spine.

When contemplating how one person could have the right to do such things to another, you find yourself surprised, angered, and saddened. In this regard, D.P. goes above and beyond, offering the audience much more than one would expect from a series with its striking storyline.

D.P. became a wake-up call in many aspects

Bullying is a topic that often surfaces in Korean dramas, including those set in schools. However, I don’t recall having seen a series that puts this issue at the center as deeply as the D.P. Netflix series does. This Netflix Korean drama not only depicts it in a few episodes but takes this chilling subject and delves into it profoundly, especially in one of its most intense environments.

The series doesn’t only focus on those intoxicated with power, dictators in their domains, or their victims; it also brings into the spotlight the witnesses who contribute to the creation of such an atmosphere by remaining silent just to preserve their status or comfort.

It serves as a powerful wake-up call, slapping us in the face with the realization of how humanity is lost when we passively watch and choose to remain silent.

deserter pursuit Netflix drama

The D.P. Netflix series, despite its heavy and impactful subject matter, keeps the audience engaged and never gets boring. You don’t even realize when you reach the last episode.

Commenting on shows with such significant and striking themes can be a bit challenging because the plot can overshadow many other details. However, since some viewers may not have watched the series yet, and I do not want to give spoilers, I’ll end the discussion on the plot here.

First and foremost, I want to say that the series is incredibly captivating, despite its heavy and dark plot. The fact that it consists of six episodes, each approximately an hour long, makes it easy to get absorbed in it, and you won’t even notice when you start and finish the series.

The success of the engaging plot is further enhanced by the exceptional performances of Jung HaeIn and Koo GyoHwan.

Jung HaeIn has a remarkable ability to convey emotions to the audience, making his portrayal a delight to watch. Especially, there is a scene in the final episode that will probably stay in the minds of viewers for a long time.

Additionally, Koo GyoHwan, whom I saw for the first time among D.P.‘s cast, is extremely talented and adds color to the series with his character. He manages to bring moments of laughter to the audience at times. I must say that he truly complements the show with his performance.

Is there romance in D.P. kdrama? Does D.P. Kdrama have romance?

Lastly, I want to mention and answer one of the most popular questions about the series. No, there is no romantic relationship in the series. But I can say that you can find a great bromance!

The D.P. review/analysis ends here. If you haven’t watched this remarkable series yet and have any doubts, I strongly encourage you to give it a chance!

The D.P. review/analysis concludes here. With its unforgettable story, impressive performances, and outstanding music, D.P. is, in my opinion, one of the best Netflix Korean dramas released in 2021. If you haven’t watched it yet and are unsure, do yourself a favor and give it a chance!

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