Night Has Come Kdrama Review: Would You Kill Your Friend To Survive?

If you had to play a game at the cost of your life, what would you do?

Imagine. You and your class, accompanied by your teacher, take a bus to a distant school. As soon as you enter the building, the strangeness begins, because the other classes that are supposed to follow right behind you are nowhere to be seen. Your teacher tells you to wait and that he will be right back and goes to look for them.

You hang around with your classmates for a while, but you get annoyed that no one is coming, so you start to look around. At this point you notice something: you are alone in the whole school. It is not only your teacher who is nowhere to be seen, but there is no sign of the people who were sitting at the front desk when you entered the building. There is no one else in the school but your class. At least you think so for now.

Neither phones are working here nor is there any internet service. You try not to worry and decide to wait. But then something very strange happens and you get a notification on your phone which says: “Mafia game is starting!”


What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a mafia game? And what if it turned out that this game was not just a game?

One of the most recent Korean dramas of 2023, Night Has Come tells the story of a group of students who find themselves in the middle of a bloody game.

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Night Has Come Korean Drama Plot/Synopsis

A group of high school students are taken as a class to a field trip. Other classes are expected to arrive for the program to start. But even after a while, no one comes. It is also not possible to call them as they have no signal. So the teacher tells the students to wait and leaves the school.

As the students scatter to their rooms and wait for their teacher, something strange happens. Everyone gets a notification on their phone from a mafia game which assigns their roles as doctor, police, citizen and mafia.

While this excites some of the students, others find it quite strange. Because the game has their names and photos even though they haven’t registered before, and moreover, it works in a school where there is no internet.

As the students try to figure out what happened, they get together and vote for a friend. What they expect is that the friend who was voted out will be eliminated. And so it happens. But in a much more horrible way.

For some inexplicable reason, the student who got the most votes loses control and kills himself in a horrible way. Before the students even have a chance to mourn their friend, they find themselves in a game where they die one by one. They must be smart and cast the right vote to survive this bizarre game.



Everything to Know: Night Has Come Episodes, Release Date, Where to Watch…

Night Has Come, one of the newest Korean TV series to join the 2023 series, is in the genre of mystery, thriller and horror. Series is directed by Lim DaeWoong, who also directed one of the most interesting series of 2020, The Search; and written by Kang MinJi.

How many episodes will Night Has Come be?

Season 1 of the series broadcast on U+mobiletv consists of 12 episodes.

Night Has Come episode 9 Release Date…

The first 4 episodes of the series aired on December 4.

When will Night Has Come episode 9 release? Episode 9 will be released on 19th December.

Where to Wacth Night Has Come

You can watch the series on U+mobiletv or Viki.

Is Night Has Come on Netflix?

No, the series is not on Netflix.



Night Has Come Kdrama Cast

The new Kdrama, which is watched by many Korean drama lovers from all over the world, has a cast of very young actors and actresses. The Night Has Come cast includes names such as Lee JaeIn, Kim WooSeok, Choi YeBin, Cha WooMin and Ahn JiHo.

Lee JaeIn plays the character of Lee YoonSeo in Night Has Come. Lee YoonSeo goes on a school trip with her friends and soon finds that her nightmares became reality. Lee JaeIn has previously appeared in many dramas such as Racket Boys, Undercover, Hospital Playlist.

Kim WooSeok plays Kim JunHee, the class president of the class caught up in a bloody game. Kim WooSeok, who is also a K-pop idol, has previously appeared in dramas such as Bulgasal and Twenty Twenty.

Choi YeBin, one of the stars of Penthouse, plays the character of Oh JungWon, one of the smartest and quietest students in the class. Choi YeBin has previously appeared in It’s Beautiful Now, Love&Wish and the hit Korean drama Penthouse.

Cha WooMin plays Ko KyungJun, the selfish and overbearing character of the class. The young actor has previously appeared in another high school drama Weak Hero Class and the movie Brave Citizen.

You can find all other cast members of Night Has Come here: Night Has Come kdrama cast asianwiki.

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Night Has Come Kdrama Review

School trips have always been one of the students’ favorite things, as it means getting away from the stress of school and homework. So are games, which are played together and provide an enjoyable pastime. But what if this time these two things meant a bloody nightmare?

2023 Korean drama, Night Has Come is one of the dramas I’ve enjoyed the most lately with its story full of mystery and suspense. The series tells the story of a group of students who are forced to play a game for their lives when a school trip turns into a horrible nightmare. In this part of the article, I will share my Night Has Come reviews.

If you love the mystery and thriller genre, then you love productions with unexplained events, heart-pounding situations, lots of mystery and strangeness. Night Has Come is exactly such a series. A group of students go to a school and they are forced to play a horrible game, The Mafia.

The game consists of doctors, police, citizens and mafia. These titles, each with a different function, are randomly assigned to the students by the game. As I explained in detail above, at first the students think that this is a joke or high technology game created by the school they come to. There are also some who think it is something one of them did.

They soon realize that this is not a normal game.

But when their first voting ends in a bloody death, the students realize that what they are playing is not just a game. Of course, this doesn’t make much difference because the next day a new round starts.

They have to vote again to survive and here the real problem begins: Who are they going to vote for in a place where everyone is friends?

Night Has Come manages to retain the most important thing a show like this should have: mystery. You can’t easily find out what’s behind these apps that suddenly land on students phone and the strange deaths.

Is it someone using high technology, supernatural forces caused by a curse, or one of the students at the school? The power behind the game and what happened remains a mystery.

Naturally, the first thing the students do is try to leave this strange place. However, they soon realize that this is not so easy and learn new rules about the game. This keeps the show exciting.

The series also shows how selfish and ruthless human beings can be when it comes to their own lives.

Night Has Come, like many productions with the theme of survival (from Hunger Games to Squid Game), is a production where the worst side of humanity comes out, where right and wrong, conscience and selfishness collide.

As you watch the students trying to survive, you witness how selfish and cruel human beings can be. In this respect it also revolves around an important issue.

Some of the decisions that some of the characters in the show make and the things that they do can sometimes be a little bit illogical, but I don’t think it detracts from the enjoyment of the show.

As you complain to the characters, you keep wondering what’s going on and what’s going to happen. And I think Night Has Come draws its strength from this sense of curiosity.

As a result, I think Night Has Come manages to be a fluid and enjoyable series in which you find yourself in a strange story.

Where is everyone? How is an online game being played in this strange place where there is no internet? And most importantly, who is running this horrible game?

If you want to find the answers to these questions, get ready because, “The Mafia game has begun!”

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We have come to the end of the Night Has Come review. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have read this far, please don’t forget to leave a comment before you leave!

Do you watch Night Has Come? Do you think the series is worth watching?

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