Destined With You Kdrama: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More!

The highly-anticipated 2023 Korean drama, “Destined With You,” is already stealing hearts and captivating audiences worldwide!

Undoubtedly, two dramas that have made a significant impact on the 2023 summer season are See You in My 19th Life and King the Land. The fans of these highly acclaimed series are feeling quite melancholic as they bid farewell to the productions that captivated millions of romantic comedy enthusiasts from around the world.

If you are also a fan of these series and worried about not being able to find a good romantic comedy, don’t worry. A fascinating new romantic comedy Kdrama is coming soon! In this article, we will delve into the world of Destined With You, one of the highly anticipated 2023 Korean dramas that is sure to captivate and keep us glued to our seats!

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Destined With You Plot

What is the Destined From You Korean drama about 2023?

The series will tell the story of a woman and a man brought together by a curse.

Jang ShinYu (Rowoon) is a handsome and popular lawyer. Despite being loved by those around him for his appearance and success, he harbors a significant problem in his life. His health is not in good condition and is deteriorating day by day. The reason behind this mysterious illness, which doctors cannot explain, is a terrifying curse passed down from his family.

As Jang ShinYu struggles to break free from this enigmatic curse tormenting his life, he encounters a woman named Lee HongJo. Lee HongJo (Jo BoAh) is a civil servant working in the local government. Despite being hardworking and good-looking like ShinYu, she curiously remains unloved by those around her.

One day, the young woman becomes the owner of a wooden chest. When it is revealed that this wooden chest has some connection to Jang ShinYu’s curse, the two find themselves entwined in an inseparable destiny.

Cast of Destined With You Kdrama

Let’s dive into Destined With You cast and characters!

Rowoon portrays Jang ShinYu in the series. ShinYu is a vibrant, charming, and accomplished young man. However, when a curse from centuries past catches up with him, his life becomes exceedingly difficult.

Rowoon, an actor and member of the K-pop group SF9, is once again ready to take the lead role. I have seen him in other dramas like Tomorrow, The King’s Affection, She Would Never Know, and Extraordinary You, and I highly recommend giving those productions a chance too.

I admire both his performances and the projects he chooses. Thus, I believe his new drama will be both intriguing and captivating. So, I am so excited to see Rowoon in Destined With You!

Destined With You kdrama cast is amazing!

In the series, Jo BoAh plays the role of Lee HongJo. Lee JongHo is a person who is not loved and lacks friends despite her good looks. One day, a wooden chest crosses her path, marking the beginning of an enchanting adventure.

The last series I have seen Jo BoAh in was the drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed. She is one of the most beloved female actors in recent years, and I love how she is always playing in various genres. I also recommend Military Prosecutor Doberman and My Strange Hero, two other dramas she starred in.

This Relationship Is Force Majeure kdrama release date, plot and cast

This Relationship Is Force Majeure: Release date, where to watch and more…

Destined With You Release Date/Air Date

The new romantic comedy and mystery series by JTBC will premiere on August 23, 2023.

Destined With You Airing Days

The drama will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Where to watch Destined With You?

If you are asking “Where can I watch Destined With You?”, or, “Will Destined With You Be Available on Netflix?” The answer is yes. You can watch the show on Netflix, as well as on the JTBC.

Destined With You Meaning

The full and literal translation of the Korean drama’s title is “This Relationship Is Force Majeure.” After seeing the title, many people have been searching for the meaning of “force majeure.” So I wanted to write it’s meaning as well.

Force majeure refers to unforeseen and uncontrollable events or circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract or carrying out their obligations.

This concept gives us a clue about the relationship between the two characters in the series.

Destined With You Review/Recap

This Relationship Is Force Majeure is one of the dramas I am excited and curious to watch. I love stories where characters come together and embark on a journey for a common purpose, especially when enriched with fantasy elements.

That’s why I will definitely watch Destined With You when it’s released!

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Destined With You Trailer

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