See You in My 19th Life Drama Review – Blessing or Curse?

What would you do if you could remember everything about the 18 different lives you’ve lived before?

Let’s imagine! Your present life somehow ends and you born again. This time you have a different gender, a different family and a different life. However, there is one thing that prevents you from starting a new life all over again: You remember everything about your past lives. Not only about the previous one, but all the lives that you lived before.What would you do if you were in such a situation?

The new Netflix K-drama See You in My 19th Life tells the story of a woman who goes through exactly this situation.

So, what is the plot of the See You in My 19th Life? Who are the See You in My 19th Life actors and actresses? How many episodes is there? What is air time, air dates of drama and where to watch it? And most importantly, is the series worth watching?

In this article, you will find the answers to all of these in the following order.

  • See You in My 19th Life sinopsis
  • Details (Number of Episodes, broadcast days, etc.)
  • Drama Cast and Characters
  • Review



What is the plot of See You in My 19th Life?

Ban JiEum (played by Shin HyeSun) is a woman in her twenties, but her life is very different from her peers. That’s because Ban JiEum has been reincarnated multiple times, experiencing completely different lives. In her previous lives, she was born in different countries, witnessed wars, and even lived as a man! Although each life has left her with useful skills, it has also exhausted her soul.

As a result, Ban JiEum has always despised remembering her past life and wished to forget everything. Until her 18th life. Ban JiEum is born into a wealthy family as their daughter in her 18th life. A boy she will meet at the age of 12 will completely change her perspective on life.

In her 18th life, JiEun meets a boy named SeoHa. The two quickly build a close friendship. However, a horrifying event separates their paths.

With the unexpected end of her 18th life, JiEun opens her eyes to her 19th life. In this life, her sole purpose is to find SeoHa and ensure his safety.


Everything You Need to Know: Episodes, Release Date…

Netflix’s new romantic comedy and fantasy series is one of the most popular productions of recent times. The drama is directed by Lee NaJeong, who is experienced in romantic comedy dramas. The director has previously produced hit productions such as Love Alarm, Fight for My Way and Oh My Venus.

See You in My 19th Life Webtoon: The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name written by Lee Hye. The script is written by Lee Hye and Choi YoungRin.

How Many Episodes See You in My 19th Life Has, Airing Dates/Time…

See You in My 19th Life air dates, airing dates: The series which started on June 17, 2023, consists of 12 episodes. It’s airing dates is Saturday and Sunday.

Where to Watch ?

Is See You in My 19th Life on Netflix? Where to watch the kdrama?

Yes, the drama is on Netflix.



See You in My 19th Life Series Cast and Characters

Shin HyeSun plays a character who is born again and again in the drama. She is ultimately born as Ban JiEum in his 19th life and is searching for someone from his previous life. Shin HyeSun’s new drama is her first production after several years. She is one of the most talented K-drama actresses.

If you haven’t watched Still 17 among Shin HyeSun dramas, it is another Kdrama that i highly recommend.

Ahn BoHyun plays a man named Mun SeoHa in his new drama. Mun SeoHa lost a loved one in his childhood; Before he could get over this event, he had a very painful experience. SeoHa, now a young man, will one day meet someone he never expected.

Ahn BoHyun plays a character with a traumatic past in See You in My 19th Life. He is one of my favorite South Korean actors. I think he always portray amazing charachters.

Among Ahn BoHyun dramas, I especially recommend Yumi’s Cells and My Name. Those who want to watch him in an action series can add Military Prosecutor Doberman, in which he co-starred with Jo BoAh, to their lists.

The casting is great: See You in My 19th Life actress and actors…

Ha YoonKyung plays the character of Yoon ChoWon, whose past is linked to SeoHa and JiEum. Ahn DongGoo plays the character of Ha DoHyun.

When talking about the cast of this series, it is impossible to skip the child actors/actresses. Their performance is amazing!

The first See You in My 19th Life child actress is Park SoYi. She is portraying the childhood of the character Ban JiEum. (on 19th life) Kim SiA gives life to the girl in the character’s 18th life; Jeong HyunJun portrays SeoHa’s childhood. Since all the child actors in the series deserve a big round of applause, I wanted to add them as well.

You can find all the cast of See You in My 19th Life here: See You in My 19th Life cast



See You in My 19th Life K-drama Review

Is See You in My 19th Life Worth Watching?

Many good Korean dramas have been released this year, and they will continue to air in the remaining half of the year. However, honestly I haven’t watched a gripping romantic comedy in a long time. Shin HyeSun and Ahn BoHyun‘s new drama started so well that I immediately wanted to share my thoughts on the drama.

If you’re ready, i am going to share my thoughs on See You in My 19th Life in this review section. Don’t worry, I won’t share any spoilers about the series. 🙂

The drama See You in My 19th Life has everything you need from a romantic comedy!

I think one of the biggest reasons why the new Netflix series is so popular is that it’s a purely Korean romantic comedy! There is a lot of loved cliches of K-dramas such as knowing eachother from childhood. There are lovable main characters and colorful side characters.

There are dramatic events and traumas that will strengthen the bond between the main characters. Besides, there is an amazing fantasy story that will take all these elements to the next level.

In short, the Korean drama See You in My 19th Life has everything you expect from a romcom!

The series begins with a quick recap of our main female character’s past. We learn that she is someone who has lived dozens of different lives and was eventually born for the 19th time. Then the series returns to the previous life and we see that she met someone very special to her in his 18th life.

After all, drama tells about the events that has been happening when she found this person, SeoHo.

Things I like about the series;

  • First of all, the series has a really good story. Fantastic elements add a whole new dimension to the series.
  • Ahn BoHyun and Shin HyeSun make a amazing duo. Both are very successful at acting and seeing them together is so fun.
  • You feel the special bond between the main characters. They both have traumas and we understand that they will help each other to heal. I think it’s always something that deepens the bond between the characters. That’s why I’m excited.
  • The mood of the show is very good. There are both funny and quite dramatic scenes. If you miss the mood of old Korean dramas, I think you can find it in this drama.
  • The series is pretty gripping. Since it is planned as 12 episodes, it is a constant event and progresses fast. I think this (which I will talk about shortly) also causes some problems. However, in general, we watch a very fluid and gripping series.
  • Since the beginning of the drama it is clear that the series will become more exciting in the next episodes. We will watch how the reincarnation event affects the future of the character and what awaits the couple while this is the case. I think the series will open more and more.


So, what are the things I don’t like about the show?

  • While See You in My 19th Life is a great series, I think there are a few things that could have been much better.
  • It would be better if the some elements of the story was different, the first thing I would say is that the fact the girl liked SeoHa when she was just a kid. Our main female character meets SeoHa in her 18th life and we understand that they have formed an emotional bond since then. Although we don’t know exactly how romantic this bond is, we can understand that 24-year-old Bang JiEum likes SeoHa as soon as she sees her. This gives a hint that the 18th lifes years old JiEum was also already in love with that child SeoHa.


I think it would have been better if the two had remained childhood friends, and their romantic relationship had begun in their 19th life encounter. Even though this is the case for SeoHa, I think it would be more enjoyable to watch the JiEum character’s emotions develop as well. There is a very rapid development in the current state of the series.

  • Again, it may be due to the rapid progress of the series, I think the emotions of the main female character are not given very well. She appears in front of the person she has been waiting for a lifetime to meet, but the subsequent developments fail to convey her feelings to the audience. I found JiEum’s character a bit too plan-oriented. Yes, finding SeoHa is a plan he’s had for a long time, but I expected her to be more excited when she finally achieves it. JiEum’s feelings should be more reflected when talking or being with SeoHa.
  • In this state, there seems to be a stagnation in JiEum’s character, not getting too excited about anything. It could also be because she is already lived 18 different lives. However, I still hope that JiEum’s sentimental thoughts will be better reflected in the upcoming episodes.

In conclusion: Is See You in My 19th Life worth watching?

Yes, the series is definitely worth watching!

Although there are a few points that could be improved in the series, I think it is a very enjoyable romantic comedy series. It has a beautiful and different story, good performances and great characters. Despite the points I mentioned above, the series has a high power to draw the audience to the story.

I think anyone who likes romantic comedy should give the show a chance. If you are planning to watch the drama, I hope you enjoy it!

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