A Time Called You (2023): New Korean Drama from the Director of Nice Guy!

If you could, would you like to travel back in time?

If you are a fan of time travel-themed Korean dramas, you’ll definitely want to add this highly anticipated 2023 Korean drama to your watchlist. Time travel-themed Korean dramas have undoubtedly been some of the most beloved and most-watched shows. Past series like Moon Lovers, Tunnel, and Go Back Couple have shown just how much this genre is adored. If you enjoy the nostalgia of intertwining memories and meetings through time travel, get ready for an exciting new Korean drama: A Time Called You.

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A Time Called You Kdrama Plot

What is the A Time Called You Korean drama about 2023?

The drama follows the story of Han JoonHee (Jeon YeoBin), a young woman who lost her boyfriend a year ago. Though she once had a vibrant personality, his death deeply impacted her, and she struggles to come to terms with the loss. She constantly thinks about her boyfriend and misses him.

One day, something extraordinary happens to her. The young woman is strangely traveled back in time to 1998! She finds herself as a high school student named Kwon MinJo. As she tries to solve this strange event, she meets someone who will make everything even more complicated.

Han JoonHee meets an unexpected face at school. It’s a young man named Nam ShiHeon (Ahn HyoSeop), and he is an exact replica of Han JoonHee’s deceased boyfriend! Trapped in this bizarre time travel, the young woman will try to get to know this boy who looks exactly like her boyfriend.

A Time Called You Cast and Characters

The cast of A Time Called You includes many beloved Korean stars.

Jeon YeoBin portrays the character of Han JoonHee, who embarks on a time-traveling adventure to the past. Jeon YeoBin is one of the rising actresses of recent years. The first time I watched her was in the drama Vincenzo and I think she is a successful actress with a lot of energy. I think she will fit this drama and role very well.

Ahn HyoSeop plays a high school student named Nam ShiHeon in the drama. This character, who is quite popular at school, can’t help but be drawn to JoonHee when she appears in the body of a high school student.

Ahn HyoSeop is one of the actors whose dramas I like to follow. I have previously mentioned his dramas 13 But 17 and Abyss in Minihanok. The successful actor has gained a huge reputation worldwide, especially thanks to the last production he starred in, Business Proposal. I especially recommend 13 But 17 for those who haven’t watched it.

Kang Hoon plays Jung InKyu, another high school student and Nam ShiHeon’s closest friend. When he meets Kwon MinJoo, he becomes entangled in a love triangle.

A Time Called You cast features many more talented actors and actresses, and you can find the full cast on here: A Time Called You cast asianwiki.

a time called you cast


Everything You Need to Know!

A Time Called You, starring Ahn HyoSeop and Jeon YeoBin, is one of the most eagerly anticipated productions of 2023. With its compelling storyline and brilliant cast, the drama has already captured the attention of the audience. Korean drama fans are eager to learn more about this fantastic series with its impending release.

Notably, the director of this time-traveling drama is Kim JinWon, who previously directed hit dramas such as Rain or Shine and Nice Guy, featuring Junho and Song JoonKi respectively. The drama is based on the popular Taiwanese series Someday Or One Day and Kdrama adaptation is written by Choi HyoBi, marking her second project as a screenwriter.

A Time Called You Release Date/ Air Date

The most frequently asked question about the series is: When is A Time Called You coming out?

While the specific premiere date of Into Your Time, as it is also known, has not been confirmed yet, it is expected to air in September 2023. I will update this article once the official release date is announced. (To stay updated, be sure to subscribe to Minihanok!)

A Time Called You episode 1 release date: Still unknown

How many episodes does A Time Called You have?

The drama is expected to have 12 episodes.

Where can I watch A Time Called You Kdrama?

As a Netflix original, Into Your Time will be available for streaming on Netflix.

A Time Called You age rating and imdb

No age rating information has been given for the series yet. However, when the series is broadcast, you will be able to find both age rating and imdb information here.


Review of A Time Called You:

Stay tuned!:)

I will add a detailed review of the drama once it is released.

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