Doctor Slump Kdrama Review: Is It Worth Watching?

If you’ve been missing the sweet couples with funny fights and warm stories from old Korean dramas, get ready! Because the Korean drama we are about to discuss shortly might be the series you’re looking for!

In 2023, there were so many beautiful Korean dramas that not only captivated millions of Korean drama viewers from around the world but also made them say, ‘Korean dramas have finally captured the essence we’ve been missing’.

As someone who has been watching Korean dramas for over 10 years, yes, I do believe that last year was a year when the quality and spirit of old Korean dramas returned.

And it seems like it’s going to continue that way!

Because 2024 will not only be a year of original and striking plots but also a year where beloved iconic Korean drama actors are returning to the screens!

The first of these dramas is Dr. Slump, one of the most anticipated Korean dramas of 2024.

Starring the queen of Korean dramas, Park ShinHye, and the man of iconic roles, Park HyunShik, the series recently started airing. So, is Dr. Slump worth watching?

In this article, I will discuss the plot, cast, details, and whether the first episodes promise an enjoyable series. Let’s start!

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Dr. Slump Korean Drama Plot:

Yeo JeongWoo (Park HyunShik) and Nam HaNeul (Park ShinHye) spend their high school years as eternal rivals, competing head-to-head in every exam. After high school, they go their separate ways and lose touch.

Years later, both have become doctors. While Nam HaNeul works as a doctor in a relatively small hospital, Yeo JeongWoo has become a famous doctor with over a million followers on social media.

However, a mysterious incident during surgery turns his professional life upside down. During his most desperate days, he encounters someone unexpected in his new place of residence: his old rival Nam HaNeul.

It turns out that Nam HaNeul is also going through mentally challenging times at her workplace for some reason.

These two eternal rivals, meeting years later, will become each other’s support in their most desperate days.

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Dr. Slump Kdrama Info: Episodes, Where to Watch and More

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated productions among the 2024 Korean dramas, Dr. Slump finally started airing on January 27, 2024.

The romantic comedy series is broadcast twice a week.

The director of the series is Oh HyunJong, who has directed beloved Korean dramas like Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo and Find Me in Your Memory.

The script is written by Baek SunWoo, the writer of popular dramas like My Roommate is A Gumiho and A Poem A Day.

How many episodes are there in Doctor Slump Kdrama?

The series is expected to have 16 episodes. It airs on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where can I watch Dr Slump Kdrama? Will Doctor Slump be on Netflix?

Yes, the series is available on Netflix.

When will Dr. Slump Episode 3 be released?

Although only two episodes have been released so far, the 3rd and 4th episodes will be aired on February 3rd and 4th. You can find the release dates for all episodes at the end of the article.

Dr. Slump Korean Drama Review:

Dr. Slump narrates the events that unfold when two characters who fiercely competed during their high school years re-enter each other’s lives years later.

The series begins by showcasing the life of Nam HaNeul, an exceptionally successful student. Living in a town in Korea, HaNeul, with her determination, hard work, and intelligence, is a top-ranking student in almost all exams.

Both her and her mother’s dream is for HaNeul to enter the best university in Seoul and study medicine.

Due to both personal reasons and this dream, they sell their shop and move to Seoul as a family. HaNeul transfers to a new high school there and encounters someone exactly like her: Yeo JeongWoo.

JeongWoo is the most successful student there and always comes first. That is until HaNeul arrives. The arrival of this new crazy-hardworking student changes the ranking in the school, sparking fierce competition between these two competitive students, HaNeul and JeongWoo.

Dr Slump Kdrama makes a good beginning.

The series shows the youth of the characters in the first episode and then jumps to years later. We see that JeongWoo has become an incredibly successful doctor, with over a million followers on a platform called NeoTube.

He runs his clinic, attends to patients from all over the world, and receives awards.

We also see that HaNeul is a doctor, but unlike JeongWoo, her professional life is much more challenging and dull. She works in a hospital in Seoul, under a terrible senior.

Although the lives of these two former rivals seem opposite for a moment, JeongWoo’s rise does not last long. Due to a mysterious conspiracy where the culprits are left in the dark and the truth behind them is unknown, JeongWoo becomes a victim.

He loses everything he has in a short period.

This event leads to the reunion of these two eternal rivals, and the second episode of Dr. Slump ends by conveying the message that they will be each other’s support during these dark times they are going through. (Of course, with plenty of bickering!)

Doctor Slump Kdrama Review: Why did I like the series?

First and foremost, like many viewers, the reason I started this series is the fantastic duo: Park ShinHye and Park HyunShik. I have watched almost all of Park ShinHye’s dramas, and I really admire both her and her acting.

Park HyunShik is also an actor I like and enjoy watching. So, the first thing I want to say is: you can expect a very energetic, sweet, nostalgic, and crazy duo!

The series revolves around two characters who have messed up their minds with studying but, more importantly, are determined to outdo each other. The competition between JeongWoo and HaNeul is so serious that even when they meet again in their thirties, they continue to banter and compete like two high school kids.

This competition, which sometimes resembles ‘sibling rivalry,’ is hilarious and adds an entertaining dynamic to the series. I had a lot of fun watching their banter in the first two episodes of Dr. Slump.

As much as they bicker, the characters also know how to be there for each other. Yes, the duo bickers at every opportunity. However, when they see each other’s helplessness, they drop their guard and try to do something for the other.

Although the story is still at its early stages, the first episodes indicate this.

The character played by HyunShik falls victim to a conspiracy while at the peak of his career. Unexpected things happen while operating on a patient, and the patient dies.

JeongWoo finds himself in the midst of a strange game where the evidence that can justify him, disappears before he can understand what happened.

So, Dr. Slump is not just a romantic-comedy story; it also has an intriguing story with dark secrets, unidentified enemies, and mysterious events. I think this makes the series much more enjoyable and intriguing.

Although it’s challenging to watch what the character goes through, you eagerly await the time when he will reveal the truth and bounce back.

Doctor Slump Review: The series also emphasizes psychological illnesses and the importance of mental health.

Park ShinHye’s character portrays a doctor who is subjected to bullying, injustice, and mistreatment by superiors. After physically and mentally exhausting herself, HaNeul finds herself in a psychologist’s office. Here, she learns that she is suffering from depression.

In this aspect, the Dr. Slump series touches on subjects such as depression and the importance of mental health, which I think is very important.

In the past few months, the series Daily Dose of Sunshine, which I believe left a lasting impression as one of the most striking Korean dramas, had a similar theme.

The series centered around a psychiatric nurse, and shed light on various mental illnesses, including depression; it became etched in our memories as an instructive and impressive series. (If you haven’t watched this series, I highly recommend it. I think it’s one of the most beautiful series ever made!)

While Dr. Slump does not delve into psychology as heavily and intensely due to its plot, I still found it important that it touches on these topics.

Is Doctor Slump worth watching?

In conclusion, Doctor Slump Kdramahas an interesting story and, in my opinion, a couple with a very high viewing pleasure. The series manages to keep the audience engaged without becoming boring and signals a tempo that will rise in future episodes.

If you are looking for a series that will entertain you with their banter and warm your heart with their healing stories, I think you might want to give Dr. Slump a chance!

Release dates of episodes:

Doctor Slump episode 3 release date: February 3rd

Dr Slump episode 4 release date: February 4th

When will Dr Slump episode 5 released: February 10th

Doctor Slump episode 6 release date: February 11th

Episode 7-8: February 17th and 18th

Episode 9-10: February 25 and 26

Episodes 11-12: The rest of the episodes will be released on March.

Are you watching the Doctor Slump series? What are your thoughts on the series?

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